Who We Are

Our People

SIP is a collaborative way of working driven by people who believe that positive change is possible. SIP is thankful to many individuals, groups and communities who collectively make change happen.

Meet the members of the Social Impact Partners Volunteer Steering Committee.

Adriana Taylor

Adriana is Chair of the SIP Steering Committee. She has always been a leader of social change, putting in enormous effort in her own community of Glenorchy where she is an active member of St Johns parish, as well as in broader Hobart. Her work as Chair of the Board of Bethlehem House, contributes to the organisation’s work supporting homeless men. Adriana enjoys cooking up a storm and regularly produces excellent raspberry jam for the CWA.

Dr Becky Shelley

Creative and novel solutions to social problems and a passion for engaging education are what drives Becky’s work with the University of Tasmania’s Peter Underwood Centre. She brings a wealth of experience to SIP, especially in making social change a reality. And we hope that one day she achieves her dream to visit New York.

Belinda Clarke

Belinda is the founding Director of the Social Impact Partners and has a passionate belief in sharing our resources and human gifts for the common good. This is a key part of SIP’s philosophy, and Belinda’s boundless energy is focused harnessing collaborative effort to make positive change happen. Belinda’s career reflects this dedication in her work across the different sectors of Catholic organisations in Australia. She now lives in Glenorchy with her family, and enjoys the things this area has to offer, especially great local food!

Brendan Webb

Brendan draws his inspiration from the philosophy of the Blessed Edmund Rice whose legacy lives on in a network of schools and programs dedicated to inclusivity, justice and solidarity. While Brendan can only imagine having Edmund round for dinner, he can and does put Edmund’s principles into action through his work with Edmund Rice Camps. Brendan is excited to be involved with SIP – perhaps because it is all about those same values at work in the community.

Sister Carmel Hinkley

Sr Carmel was the Principal of St Paul’s in Bridgewater and her vocation here, and at St Brigid’s in New Norfolk, is legendary. She has lived and breathed SIP communities for many years. Sr Carmel was nominated by many people to be on the SIP Steering Committee because she is incredibly dedicated to SIP areas and their communities, working to bring the spirit of mercy and care to all. Sr Carmel’s country upbringing shows in her disapproval of fake butter and plastic plates (to avoid the washing up).

Carolyn Wallace

Having spent a number of years living in Moonah and working as the Director of Clinical Services at Southern Cross Care (Tas) Inc located in the Glenorchy LGA, Carolyn is passionate about aged care and ensuring the care facilities are a warm and welcoming way to live out the latter years of life. Carolyn enjoys the local food scene, especially with good friends.

Chris Smith

Chris is Chair of Edmund Rice Education Australia’s Youth+ arm which operates flexi schools nationally for young people who are disengaged from mainstream education. He was Principal for nine years at St Virgil’s College during his teaching career. Like his taste in music – which started with Ross Ryan in the 1970s and now extends to ABC Classic 100 – Chris’ expertise is wide-ranging, which makes his contribution to SIP’s mission so valuable.

Elisa Ryan

Elisa lives in Glenorchy and has done for most of her life. Perhaps working as a children’s entertainer gave Elisa the creativity and imagination she puts into her work as a Youth Development Officer at Glenorchy City Council. She’s inspired by people who just go out there and make things happen and that why she’s a perfect match for SIP. And we think she’s cool because her first concert was Culture Beat at the DEC.

David Harradine

David is the former Chair of the CatholicCare Tasmania Advisory Board and a former Director of the Centacare Evolve Housing Board. David grew up in our SIP community of Glenorchy and is strongly committed to having a lasting impact on people’s lives, and that’s why he is involved with SIP. Even with a demanding career, David is an active volunteer and devoted family man.

Denise Long

Denise has had a long career in Education K – tertiary. She has worked down the eastern seaboard of Australia and in the remote Kimberley community of Hall’s Creek. Denise has held leadership positions – Assistant Principal, Principal Religious Education Co-ordinator and now Director: South for the past 30years. Crucial to her position is the development of leadership capabilities within the Southern Catholic Schools. Denise works closely with the Principals and Leadership Teams within the SIP area.

Father Michael Tate

Fr Tate is Vicar General to the Archbishop of Hobart. He went to school at St Virgil’s College and has lived and worked in Bridgewater – one of our SIP areas. Fr Tate’s stellar achievements in politics and law have often taken him away from Hobart, but after a career as a Senator for Tasmania, Federal Minister for Justice, Ambassador to the Netherlands and the Holy See, he returned to Tasmania where he was ordained as a Priest in 2000.

Stacey Milbourne

Living in West Moonah and working with Communities for Children in SE Tasmania means that Stacey knows a lot about the strengths and needs of families and children in the communities where SIP is making a difference. She is inspired by people who, despite having experienced hardships in their own lives, are active in helping others. And like all of us here at SIP, Stacey would like to see the end of poverty.

Tim Gourlay

Tim has a strong conviction that collaboration brings results, and he is one of the drivers behind the SIP concept of cross-sector partnership. His experience in building, architecture, teaching and management and his entrepreneurial spirit equip him well to look ‘outside the box’ to find ways to defeat disadvantage. Tim has connections with SIP areas that go back to his days as a teacher at Bridgewater High in 1984.

SIP is also supported by a range of in-house co-creators.


Andrew is dedicated to improving our communities through innovative design. After working at the Tasmania Catholic Education Office for a number of  years and building bridges across Tasmania, Andrew now heads up the property development and asset management portfolio for CatholicCare and Centacare Evolve Housing. In his own time Andrew is a committed family man, enjoy’s watching the footy and keeping active through Park Run. Andrew is also a very active volunteer


Ben is the Chief Executive Officer of Centacare Evolve Housing and Executive Manager Housing Services for CatholicCare Tasmania and manages the housing portfolio and significant property development programs across our organisation. The majority of these new build programs are in the SIP areas. His significant experience and strong passion for the residential building industry shows that Ben is devoted to reducing housing stress and meeting our social and affordable housing objectives. In his off time, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.


Cherie is the design guru for the Archdiocese of Hobart and brings the colour and life of SIP concepts into reality. Cherie has been instrumental in SIP foundation with her dedication to the co-creative principles of SIP. When she is not designing Cherie spends time with her delightful family.


Clare is the Executive Manager Identity and Mission. She is responsible for training and providing ongoing support and recognition for our volunteers. Her role involves working with parishes and other Catholic agencies


James manages the team that looks after our housing tenancies and associated services based in Bridgewater. He has a good understanding of the critical role that secure housing plays in people’s lives having previously managed CatholicCare’s Multicultural Service Programs and from working in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. As a blow-in from interstate, and originally from the UK, James is continually amazed by the delights of Tasmanian living. By spending as much time trout fishing as his family allows, he has plenty of opportunity to reflect on the natural beauty of the state, on life in general, and of course on his love of working for CatholicCare.


Kylie brings to SIP her interest in communities that are places where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Kylie has been a nurse, managed community services, contributed to designing government funded programs and most recently worked with the Catholic social services network. She has a passion for co-creating conditions for flourishing communities. Kylie is a spiritual director who considers it a privilege to journey with people as they make meaning from their experience of life. She also contributes her skills and passion for sustainable communities at RESEED in Penguin.


Lily’s administrative skills and can-do attitude are vital to SIP. She comes to us from WA and now lives at Old Beach where, when she is not at work, she most enjoys tending her kitchen garden and cooking up a storm with the produce she grows. Lily’s commitment to service includes time with Rafiki Surgical Missions in Tanzania. Lily is the calm in the SIP creative chaos.


Sam shone in her SIP role as community partner with the FAST program at St Paul’s Bridgewater. Sam’s infectious sense of humour and absolute commitment to her community is an asset to SIP and CatholicCare. Sam is part of the Children’s Services team at Newtown. When she is not working Sam can be found scaling tall buildings for charity, making honey and generally living life to the full with her family.

Sister Magdalen, Sister Mary and Sister Teresa

Sr Magdalene, Sr Mary and Sr Teresa are all are members of the Religious Order ‘Lovers of the Holy Cross’ from Vietnam. Each of the Sisters has their own special gifts that they bring to Hobart and SIP under the guidance of Congregation leader Sr Teresa. The Sisters all have a wonderful sense of humour and dedication to serving anyone in need. They contribute to various areas of SIP including volunteering with Vinnies, preparing meals and activities for a variety of programs and visiting families. The Sisters are wonderful examples of Ministry of Presence.


It would be hard to find anyone more devoted to the community than Sheryl. She lives and breathes her beloved Bridgewater and she’s got plenty of runs on the board making good things happen in the district through her Community Development work at Centacare Evolve Housing. When she’s not singing along with John Farnham’s You’re the Voice, masquerading as the Easter bunny or cooking her famous black forest trifle (or all three!), she’s busy making connections with people and making good things happen for the community.


Sue assists with SIP’s communications. She is a writer with a background in all sorts of things from wildlife management to travel writing, and she is happiest working to make a positive difference for communities that may not have had all the advantages that others have had.

For more information, to share your ideas, or to get involved please email SIP’s Director, Belinda Clarke at belinda.clarke@aohtas.org.au