Where We Do It

SIP works in communities which are identified using research and data, including the Dropping off the Edge Report 2015, by Professor Tony Vinson and Associate Professor Margot Rawsthorne from The University of Sydney. This report, funded through Jesuit Social Services and Catholic Social Services Australia,  mapped disadvantage across Australia on 21 social indicators including long-term unemployment, housing stress, criminal convictions, school reading levels and domestic violence. Indicators in the report show that complex and entrenched webs of disadvantage are experienced by a small but persistent number of local government areas across Australia. The founding focus for SIP are individuals and communities in the local government areas of Glenorchy, Brighton and The Derwent Valley, all areas in greater Hobart. The hope is that the evaluated learnings from SIP place-based responses can be scaled and moved in order to improve  wellbeing in other communities, sectors and systems.