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The Social Impact Program is an agile project which aims to effectively link relevant agencies, schools and parishes with individuals and organisations on specific social impact initiatives. The project is a long term commitment to work collaboratively and creatively in these targeted communities to address social and economic disadvantage. The intention is to amplify existing social impact work and partner on new preventative and innovative initiatives. The project aims to build upon existing local strengths by developing trusting relationships and engagement with the community.


The Social Impact Program will be guided by a five year strategy being drafted in 2017. The strategy will be determined by a Steering Committee, formed of key stakeholders. Ongoing evidence-based research and data collection will be conducted to evaluate the project. Once confirmed, the project strategy will be available via www.hobartsip.org.

This project is being led by Belinda Clarke, Social Impact Program Director at CatholicCare Tasmania.

For more information, to share your ideas, or to get involved please email belinda.clarke@aohtas.org.au.

The Social Impact Program acknowledges and pays respect to all traditional custodians of this land. We commit ourselves to the ongoing journey of reconciliation.


The call to action was heard and the Archdiocese of Hobart and CatholicCare Tasmania responded by creating the Social Impact Program which will initially focus on the communities of Glenorchy, Brighton and Derwent Valley. The Social Impact Program is underpinned by Catholic Social Teaching principles and is inspired by the example and life of Jesus Christ.