Build Up Tassie

SIP and Centacare Evolve Housing have been developing, co-creating and trialling a targeted employment and training program in Bridgewater for local young people aged 15 to 24, called Build Up Tassie. It provides support to overcome barriers to employment. There are a range of partners in Build Up Tassie including the local community, Wilson Homes, Southern Central Trade Training Centre and yourtown.

Build Up Tassie will be refined and evaluated with the hope of launching it as a full program in 2018-2019. Linking people to opportunities, Build Up Tassie is a conduit that connects young people to employment and training opportunities connected to the five-year building program which Centacare Evolve Housing and CatholicCare Tasmania are conducting. The participants in Build Up Tassie can be from school (Year 10 plus), be unemployed or underemployed, or have an aspiration to work in building and construction.


Build Up Tassie participants receive tailored one-to-one and group support.

In 2018, Build Up Tassie offered an eight-week Orientation at the Southern Central Trade Training Centre. This holistic program included pre-employment information specifically targeted at building and construction, as well as information from topics across the seven SIP domains: Education, Housing, Health, Spirituality, Economic Stability, Safety and Community Engagement.

Build Up Tassie is leveraged on the numerous employment opportunities that emerge from CatholicCare Tasmania and Centacare Evolve Housing’s $70M five-year staged housing development which is part of the Master Plan for Bridgewater Gagebrook. This enormous building program includes 350 new properties and the maintenance of 1500 others.

Uplifting community wellbeing

Over the past six months, a range of partnerships have been scoped and agreed for the future of Build Up Tassie. Partnerships with industry, including Wilson Homes, as well as local council and services will provide a range of individualised pathways to employment for the Build Up Tassie participants.

Included in the Build Up Tassie social enterprise model is a partnership with ‘yourtown’ who work alongside young people on the maintenance of Centacare Evolve Housing homes. This and other partnerships will support the co-design, delivery and evaluation of Build Up Tassie. Evaluations from young people, services and stakeholders are a key component of the co-design and development phase.

During our trial period of eight months, Build Up Tassie has been involved in the placement of over 15 young people into employment opportunities, including five apprenticeships.

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